Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doug & Lisa's Re-Wedding + swimming!

This morning was so lovely. Doug and Lisa re-married, under the chuppuh, after 14 years of being married. It was so beautiful and sweet and touching and FUN! The kids were amazingly well-behaved. We biked there (it was at a local park) and after getting home I took the boys to Apex to swim with Rach and Eliot. Sam had a blast and went down both slides, for the first time ever. This was also my first time with Ted being 6. LOVE it! He can go down both slides by himself. Ahh...
This was a terrific, fun, family-oriented day. And we even got the house cleaned up and FINALLY caught up with the laundry!
Ted is all ready for his first day of Rocky Mountain Day Camp tomorrow. He is psyched. Sam and Mae are excited to go back to JCC camp too. I'm excited to run with Ole tomorrow! Hooray!
(Not Doug and Lisa in the pic, just a stock photo, but I love the image of the chuppuh. I hope to get pics from Cathy soon! It was so lovely!)


Betty Palme said...

Not related to this blog, but I thought you might find the following blog interesting today. Related to the behavior you were experiencing with Mae and the reunion.

I also hope you don't mind. I've passed on your blog about the advice you were given and practiced when Mae was having sleeping problems early on. Reassuring her whenever she started to wake.

An adoption blog reader who used to live in Colorado, (no blog, yet!)

Ellen said...

Thank you! The book looks great and I'm going to request it (it's not available at my library.) Feel free to pass along anything useful! Adoption blogs were my lifeline while I waited, so I hope I can be helpful to someone else!