Friday, August 22, 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words

This about sums up the day. Ted had school, then a hike with his class. Last night the boys had a birthday party and didn't get much sleep at all. Mae didn't nap today. We were on our way home from Chautauqua when they all passed out, one by one.
Ted had a great first week. Kindergarten was "hard." 1st grade, so far, is "fun." Love it.
Sam and Mae had "Meet and Greet" today at preschool. Neither wanted to leave, which is good. They are going to have such great years. I'm excited for them.
I start my new job on Monday too! I'll be teaching 2 voice classes and as many private students as I want. Mondays will be "Daddy's office day," Wednesday they'll stay for Yoga Enrichment, and Friday I don't teach. It should work well. Monday is a big day!

Sam climbed his first tree today. He is SO proud.

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jack said...


What happened to the 'wipe out' photo? It's vanished!

Thanks for such a great time. Good luck to all the scholars in the family.