Friday, August 1, 2008


Today was the last day of RMDC. Ted's hair was sprayed green (there was a color war - green vs white and green won! woo hoo!), his face smeared with homemade green facepaint (shortening + cornstarch) and his Green Team shirt from Horizons made the outfit. They showed a slide show at the end and it was really sweet. I love this camp. Next year both Sam and Ted are going.

My solar oven arrived yesterday! I ordered that back in April so I could cook throughout the hot summer. Oh well. We'll be baking cookies and breads in the oven as soon as we assemble it.

Mae's birthday party is Tuesday. I plan to stop by Red Wagon Farms on the way home from TKD on Monday to pick up peaches, plums, melons, and any other yummy fruit they have. We'll have bowls of fruit alongside homemade zucchini muffins and zucchini cookies. Wendy is doing her famous Pikachu! cake. The bounce house is ordered. The Zero-Waste Kit is in the garage. We're ready! Oh, we need to do the pinata. Probably that will be a last ditch attempt on Monday night, but it'll get done. She wants Hello Kitty. Pretty cool that Paul can do that!

We had a quiet Friday at home. We were planning to bike to Wahoo's but Ted said he was too tired, so we just ordered pizza (no, I didn't eat any! Still going strong on the raw). Tomorrow is Zoe's pool party (one of Mae's Chinese sisters) and Sunday is a big soccer day/event/party with activities. Should be a fun weekend. It's supposed to break 102. Denver has officially broken the record for the days above 90, on Thursday. And now, the temps are continuing to climb. Oy!

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