Sunday, September 14, 2008


Something that I am learning while parenting boys is that sports play a huge part in their lives. I doubt that either of my boys will be particularly athletic (I'm counting on an academic scholarship, not a sports one!) but it's what they do. They play baseball with the kids on the block, Ted plays basketball and kickball at recess every day. He can't wait to bring his football to school to play with his buddies at recess. Sports are a thing I never did growing up. Theatre and music were my life. And that's not to say that those won't come into play for the boys either, but right now, the ball is the thing. I have to say, spending a gorgeous Saturday morning at a beautiful park with breathtaking mountain views while Ted played soccer made for a perfect morning. And hanging out with the other parents while our kids finished up their little football clinic on a crisp fall afternoon was lovely. Good times. Loads more pics on moeltini.

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