Monday, October 6, 2008

learning to love my scanner

I went to a K-8 with the same group of kids. We were so close. There wasn't anyone I wouldn't enjoy chatting with today. We were such good friends. Well, many of us are on Facebook now and WOW! is it fun! The "other Ellen," as we always called each other, is the one who got us all connected and people are scanning in their old pics and posting them. We were so CUTE! This pic, we are guessing, is from 2nd grade. I am next to Lara Assaf, a Russian girl I ADORED and I think she left the school pretty soon after this. She and her family were so nice. I haven't thought of her in DECADES. This is so much fun. We had a reunion in 1997. We missed one next year, but if we can get lots of people on board, we might be able to swing another one. Ah memories. I hope my kids can develop the same level of comfort with their classmates. I'm so glad they're in a K-8! I need to start digging through my photos.

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patricia said...

I loved seeing that picture! Wish it were a little clearer. I can't spot Rosa or Joanie Hoyle, can you?

Lara Assaf was from Beirut; the family were Catholics, as many Lebanese are. She had quite a bit of trauma from listening to the bombings all the time. That was their main reason for moving here. Such a lovely family.

I do hope you can have another reunion. Great bunch of kids!