Saturday, October 25, 2008


We survived! Friday after school we packed up and Cathy picked Sam & Mae up on her way home from work. They were so excited. Then Ted and I took Ole to Rob's house and we went to TKD for a Tournament/Sparring class. Then we drove to Littleton and checked into our hotel. Friends were there, so we ended up watching WallE with them, which was very entertaining. After a few hours of sleep, we woke up and went to the Tournament. Ted was a little shy but did a very good job on his form and then competed in weapons, in numchucks, and did great (doing a cool roll on the floor move that was hysterical. My camera seems to have died at that point so even though I took pics there aren't any to share.) More pics on flickr til I get my computer back.
An exhausting day, but a good one. Sam and Mae had a blast at Eve and Cecelia's house and apparently were very well behaved and not freaked out in the slightest. They were happy to see us and we played up at their house for a few hours before heading home. It's good to be home. What a crazy 24 hours!

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