Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We CAN!

I loved the acceptance speech. It's just amazing that as recently as 1965, blacks couldn't vote. To someone my age, this seems impossible. But only because we've come so far. I am very encouraged for our future. For the first time in 8+ years, I am finally proud of who our president is! Rock on, Barack!


sarah said...

such a powerful night. . . such a great day!

patricia said...

Thank God Almighty!!!!!!!!

How I wish my mother had lived to see this day! And all the Wheatley's before her, including the one named John Tilton who escorted Frederick Douglass in to speak at the Abolitionist Convention.

Aside from my joy at having an African-American president, I am thrilled to be looking forward to an INTELLIGENT one!! What a change that ought to make.
We took our brand new silky flag and hung it from our third-floor balcony. It is whipping in the wind and glistening in the sunlight. What a day! What a future we can look forward to!

Feels like Camelot has come again.