Monday, January 5, 2009

I caved

Do you see it? The ads? On the right side? After 3+ years of blogging, I finally caved and put ads up. Why not, I figure. Google does a nice job of tailoring the ads to your blog's content. I know I've discovered quite a few services and products from other people's blogs, so I know it works. Anyway, just to avoid someone gasping in horror at the sight, yes, I know. You'll get there eventually too!

And, on a similar note, I've published my first x-post to BlogHer, a network of "women bloggers" that provides a sort of "one stop shopping" for blog reading. It's cool and I'm honored that my humble little "musing" post was accepted. A small goal for myself this year is to focus more on the blog, to think more about the topics I want to write about, rather than a bulleted list of what we did that day. Which is pretty interesting to me, but the rest of you? Not so much, I imagine. So, expect a bit of a change on the blog, with more "thought" and a little less "daily summary." Only a bit thought. Because truly, with kids as cute as mine, who wouldn't want to know every detail of their lives? *ahem*

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Anonymous said...

The advertisement "Enjoy Deliciously Seasoned Frozen Meats, Seafood & More" doesn't quite jive with your content. . .