Monday, January 19, 2009


This morning, the kids played outside for hours. Still high 50s and sunny. When they came in requesting a snack, we munched and then watched Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. Ted, as expected, was very interested and full of questions. Horizons did a good job both last year and this year discussing the Civil Rights Movement, I think. Tomorrow, he and I will go the Boulder Theatre to watch the Inauguration live. Yee haw!

I thought this editorial cartoon was fantastic this morning. Well done.

And in piano news, Sam had his 2nd lesson this afternoon. He has four new songs to learn, 2 for the LH and 2 for the RH. Way cute. He loved it (I was outside with the others, but Karin said he was totally engaged the whole time.) He is really liking this. Sam got into the van after his lesson and informed me that he had piano "work" to do at home. He is so proud. Cutie!

I'm really excited to "go to the Inauguration" tomorrow. Horizons' 2-3 and Middle School grades will be there, with other sections of students from all over Boulder Valley. Strangely, the 100 "extra" seats didn't sell out (perhaps people, like myself, didn't realize they were available to the layperson) so we got lucky. I'm sure Horizons will do a good job doing activities related to the inauguration, but I really believe being there is the best thing. It's so historic. The next time a president is elected, Ted will be almost 15 (assuming Obama makes it 2 terms, which I highly expect he will). Very exciting!

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