Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holly Homemaker I'm not

Well, perhaps I should have taken Home Ec in high school instead of AP Biology. I haven't made much use of those fancy AP classes, but it sure would have been handy to have more basic skills. Still, I've been darning away lately, determined to make our clothes last a little longer. It's frustrating, but feels good, in the same way growing our little carrots and tomatoes does. 

In other news, Sam and I made headway today on GF waffles. Pancakes are good, but my kids love their waffles. Success! 

Ted graduated to the next level in Swim America last Thursday. His freestyle looks so much better, but I hope they keep reviewing it just in case. He should be ready to go on May 15 for the first RCF practice. Sam is going to do PreTeam this year, which will be fun. Our summer is shaping up to be a mellow one. June is all swim team, July is our KY vacation followed by 3 weeks at RMDC, then August will be a few weeks of chilling at the pool and getting ready for school (which starts so ridiculously early in mid-August.) Hopefully, we will either have moved or be in the process by the time Sam starts K. August would be a good month for this, as we have nothing planned. We shall see. 

Tomorrow will be Week 3 of waiting for the warranty company to move on our claim. Last Monday we were in the "engineer is drawing out a plan of repair" stage. Next will be having 2 bidding repair companies out; the warranty company will pay us the $$ of the lower bidder. Then we'll hire them and pay with that money. Let's hope we move to stage 2 sooner rather than later. Although, with June and July so local, I am OK with an August or September move, poor selling season that it is. 

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