Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shout out to Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! (It was on Saturday). 

I enjoyed chatting with you Saturday and Sunday and I'm glad you like your prezzies! I've been going through pics and found this one. Don't we both look young?! :-)

Ah memories. More so than anything, I love how the pictures bring back the house, or rather, the apartment, I grew up in. I hope looking at me with all that hair won't drive you to despair! (Why am I so grumpy? Geesh! And I've said before how annoyed I'd be when you'd look at me and not at the camera. And now? Any pic of me with the kids ... I'm always looking at them. Funny.)

Have a wonderful 2009!


jack said...

That will make her cry


patricia said...

What a surprise this is! How long, how long!

Yes, I do miss your long, beautiful golden hair ... but I know you don't have time for it with your busy life, and that's just fine. No, you don't look grumpy. I think you were doing your "sweet little girl" act! The pose looks quite a bit like some of Ted's, as a matter of fact!

Thanks for the memories.