Sunday, March 8, 2009

the update

Sorry for leaving folks out of the loop. With Facebook, information is so quickly and easily exchanged that I need a reminder to update here as well. Here's what happened.

Ted was building his Lego toy on his birthday and couldn't tear himself away to eat dinner. About 7ish, he asked me if he could have an apple. I said sure. He asked if I would get it for him. I told him to get it for himself. (Warning! Warning! Never say that to your child!) In the past, he would have grabbed an apple and started munching away. But he has no front teeth! So he took a (brand new, serrated) knife to cut the apple. It took about a second for the wailing to begin, followed by frantic running around the house. We wrapped it up in a towel but couldn't get a good look at the cut because it was bleeding so hard. After about 5 minutes, Paul thought I should take him to the ER so off we went. We have new insurance now (through Paul's work! Hooray hooray!) so our hospital is in Boulder, a 10+ minute drive. But after a few minutes in the car he really calmed down and was very mellow at the ER, answering questions for the doctor and politely asking for some Tylenol. Because the cut was so clean (I told you they were sharp knives!) they were able to glue it rather than stitch it, so that was a relief. The bandage should stay on for 10 days, but it should be fine. There's the story! Happy 7th Birthday Ted!

And here is a very serious picture of me doing my form at TKD. Still no pics of Ted yet ... I hope someone has some.

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rudomundo said...

Max did that once - the very day Susan had just sharpened her new knives! He got stitches.