Saturday, September 12, 2009

clipped in, baby!

Today at my bike fit (we had to order an extra short stem which delayed the original fit a few months) I swapped my cages for clips. (Why are they called clip-LESS pedals? I don't understand.) Tonight while riding to the store I had my first crash (I practiced a lot at the fitting but ...) I'm fine with only a few cuts and scrapes, but the kids were horrified! I think they thought I'd react the way they react to injury (i.e. lots of screaming) but I distracted them by showing off my wounds. From then on, I unclipped WAY before approaching a stop. Geesh!

It was raining this morning so Sylvie and I ditched our ride and went to Flatirons to try out a spin class. It was Sylvie's first spin class and I think she was traumatized, but I loved it! Tomorrow I'll run with Wendy during Sunday School. Next Friday-Saturday is Rosh Hashanah and next Sunday is the 1/2 Marathon!

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Wendy said...

Yeah, they are never called clips, FYI. Your cages are the clips, so pedals without cages are clipless. I thought you couldn't afford them this month.