Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mini Vacation

This is a busy time of year at Paul's job, so he was only able to take Thursday and Friday off. We've thoroughly enjoyed our little 4 day break though, and can't wait to do it all again next week (Thu through Sun again). On Thursday we played card games, had a blast sledding and Paul took Ted to see Avatar in 3D. They both loved it and agreed that Sam can see it when it comes out on video, but it's a little much in the theatre. We had our traditional Oyster Stew for dinner and I chatted with my parents while they opened their gifts from me. It was a very mellow, relaxing day; I sang a Xmas Eve service at midnight and got home at 2:30am. Yawn!

I slept in and Friday passed very quickly for me! We met Seth & Jaron (& Holli too!) for our annual movie on Xmas Day. We saw The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and it was very cute. Then friends came over for Chinese food and the kids went crazy wrestling with each other. We all fell into bed exhausted!

Saturday we had a very slow morning and then went to Sam's friend Quinn's house in Nederland. Quinn's dad, Pat, is the Spanish teacher at Horizons. Luckily, Ted has made a good impression on him so the whole family was invited for the day. It was a blast. We went sledding, played Legoes, chatted and munched. They are such a nice family! We will have to have them over sometime soon.

Tomorrow Ted is going to a friend's for a few hours - otherwise it should be a mellow day again. The kids are home next week but we have plans each day with friends, so it should be a fun 3 days. The snow has certainly made this a very wintery break. I think a snowman might be in order tomorrow. Stay warm, everyone!

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