Thursday, April 1, 2010

Passover & Rosa!

It's been a busy few days! Between Easter rehearsals for my church gig, Rosa visiting (remember, we were sick all of March so finally able to move again!) and hosting a seder, it's been lively around here. Rehearsals have been long and slow (those tenors are l-a-m-e!) but the payoff will be good (extra rehearsals mean extra money!). Rosa's visit was great - lots of catching up, some hikes, brunches, lots of coffee and even a massage and pedicure! I can't wait to see her in June when we are in Chicago. We hosted a seder this year and Rosa helped prepare all the food with me - thank goodness! Ted's teacher and her family joined us this year. It was one of my favorites for sure because Ted (and Aria, Julie's daughter) took part and read a lot. I have one copy of A Children's Haggadah and we've xeroxed it and used it each year. This year I made a few more copies and highlighted "parts" for everyone to read. The kids were so proud to be part of it. Besides the reading, my favorite part was watching the boys act out the plagues. Too funny.

Today was a big day in Ted's classroom - the wrapping up of their Egypt studies. Called "a living museum," we were invited to tour the classroom and view all the things the kids had learned about and created (including the chicken they mummified, the 1/100 scale pyramid they constructed and the model of the Sphinx they created out of clay.) Very cool. Tomorrow Ted will give a presentation about the different types of pyramids that were built. This will be videotaped and put into his file for school. He is very nervous - which I think is cute. They are also at work on their play - Ted's play is The Epic of Gilgamesh and he is Humbaba- the monster. My mom, who taught this for years, likens Humbaba to the Black Smoke of Lost lore. The costume aspect of his role frightens me a tad. *gulp*

Rosa flew Southwest this time and informed me of the truly amazing low fares they offer. I checked it out and they are nuts! $69 one way! I am definitely going to fly home from our summer vacation this year! So, if you want to fly somewhere, forget Travelocity and those places and just check Southwest! It's free to check bags too (up to 2 I believe.) Hooray!

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