Saturday, May 8, 2010

R.I.P. Orestes

Our sweet Orestes died late last night. It was sudden, perhaps a heart attack or massive stroke.

Orestes was the second kitten born to Electra and the one baby that needed assistance with his entrance into the world. We had planned to give all the kittens away to friends, but we couldn't part with him, so we kept "Tabby" and found homes for his brother and sisters (Pirate, Blackie, Bippie, and Stripe). He was such a funny kitten - quirky and crazy. I'll never forget when he ran full-tilt onto the windowsill in our Briar apartment. The screen fell out (still attached at the bottoms) and he hung on for dear life. Though I wasn't fully dressed (*ahem*) I threw my upper body out the window to grab him (we were on the 7th floor). Unlike his mother, Orestes hated grass and crept carefully around the yard, trying hard to avoid it. He was such a sweet lap kitten in his youth. He loved to snuggle with his mom, and after she died 2 years ago, slept with us every night. Towards the end of his life, he seemed to develop anxiety, so we moved him into our bedroom to live out his life in a smaller area. He loved it! He had his comfy chair with a heating pad, a sunny window with a cat bed, a large closet with his litter box and food, and the cool bathroom for his required fresh sipping water and snuggles. He was the guardian of the bathroom. He also loved baths and always joined us when he heard the water running in the tub. When his fur got matted, Paul started brushing him again and he tolerated that so well, finally returning to his previously shiny, silky-furred self. Though the kids called him "the mean kitty" and Ole slunk away from him, avoiding conflict, they will miss him. A house without a cat doesn't feel as warm, as homey, or as cozy, to me. Sam is allergic to cats, so we will be cat-free for a while now.

We will miss you, sweet Orestes, a.k.a. Resty-Roo. Rest in peace. We hope you have a large supply of catnip in kitty heaven! Kiss Electra for us.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to read this. . . tough to take, I'm sure. May Ole give you plenty of animal loving as you grieve. . . Jean

epin said...

My condolences. We lost our cat last month, and it was so hard and sad.