Friday, June 4, 2010

Settling In

Wow. What a week. As most of you know, we moved in to our awesome little house in Boulder. We have had lazy Lego mornings, hours and hours at the pool every single day, and very late bedtimes. It's just too cool to have neighbors steps away and the kids have been house-swapping freely. It's sort of idyllic, really. Our only annoyance with the move is our lack of internet. Qwest is not doing well by us. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon. Tonight Sam and Mae biked all the way to TKD, 2.8 miles each way. They were very cheerful about it and can't wait to do it again. We also had a dryer snafu so we only had a washer this week. The dryer should arrive tomorrow, but I've been enjoying line-drying the clothes. There is a LOT of pollen here (trees galore!) but none of it seems to be affecting the kids so I plan to continue line-drying as long as I can. There is also a lilac bush right outside my kitchen window. I may not have much of a view out that window, but it sure smells heavenly, and makes the clothes smell wonderful too. In short, we are settling in and learning the ins and outs of our new digs. Please email if you want our new address. Our phone numbers have stayed the same.

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