Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School!

All three kids started school today. Let me rephrase that: all three kids started school today, at the same school! I am beyond excited.Ted is a 3rd grader this year, in a mixed 2/3 class. I saw him playing with his old buddies (now 4th graders) at recess and his teacher reported that he was very mature and an excellent leader today. He did this in 1st grade too, really stepping up to show the younger ones how it's done.

Sam is in Elizabeth's class this year, all 1st graders. While he isn't with his best buddy Seamus (they are good friends, but not good "learning buddies" according to Sam) but he is with his other buddy Quinn and lots of really sweet boys from the other class that I grew to love while subbing. It is a very nice class and my first experience with 1st grade as all 1st grade without Ks in it! It is an exciting year. We got the thumbs up from Elizabeth and I saw him playing on the playground with his buddies as happy as a clam. He also enjoyed the school lunch today, and his own lunch. He is very tired!

And my baby is in Kindergarten! Mae stayed full day today, eating hot lunch and doing enrichment. She loved it and apparently spoke up whenever she needed anything. She grew up so much this summer and is so excited to be a big kid. We all rode our bikes this morning too, a new and exciting bonus to living in Boulder! More as next week unfolds, but a great 1st day of school! Fridays are always half days for the big kids and no school for the Ks, so tomorrow will be mellow. Hooray!

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