Saturday, March 5, 2011

X-Treme Challenge Bday Party

Wow. This was quite the birthday party! Invented by a former American Gladiator champion, this small space rotates crazy games that are so much fun! Obstacle course, get the cheese (left), Superman swing, knock over with human ball, the list goes on and on. This was a perfect birthday party for active boys. I suspect we'll see more parties here in the future. So much fun! Paul is going to put lots of pics up on moeltini soon (we are both completely pooped) so stay tuned!

Turns out Mae had a 102 fever so I took her to Urgent Care, where she was tested for strep and flu. She tested negative but we'll hear the results of the strep culture on Monday afternoon. Paul took the boys to chavurah this afternoon and Ted fell off a cliff. He has a ton of scrapes and cuts, but miraculously didn't break anything. At least we didn't have a repeat of the birthday emergency room visit, a la age 7.

A super fun morning, a worrisome afternoon, and a restful evening. Ahh...

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patricia said...

What a wild party!

Keep us posted on Mae and Ted - hope both are feeling OK today.