Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Time: last day of school!

It's official! School is out for the summer! After Fun Day on Wednesday and a half day today, the year ended with portfolio sharing and a little K graduation. And the kids are out! Remember that old song?

No more pencils, no more books,
No more teachers' dirty looks!

Our kids love school almost as much as they love vacation, but we are all looking forward to a break from the daily routine. Is there anything more relaxing than sleeping in, playing all day, and grilling out for dinner? Ahhh, summer.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?


Jolene said...

We do things in Michigan we *love* snow! So we take Spring Break early and head the Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a week. Also, we take from Thanksgiving to New Years off. So we school later into the summer and take July and August off. We keep homeschool so casual that they really don't mind because they love with the special needs challenges we have in one child we need the structure.

We are looking forward to camping, late nights, smores, and more camping!

Casey said...

The beach in August... which is far away but I'm excited. We all love hanging with my parents.

Happy Summer!

Ellen said...

I grew up in the Midwest! We love snow here in Colorado too, but oh how we love the lazy days of summer! Your "vacations" sound wonderful - plus you avoid the 'typical vacation time' crowds!

We loved the beach in CA! We are pretty land-locked out here, and have an ocean vacation planned (in our heads - maybe it'll happen someday!) The Sand Dunes had a pretty cool "beach" with a little trickle of stream. We hope to go back another year when there is more water (and less wind!) Hooray for summer!