Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Time: new bike!

Creating a content-rich blog has proved to be an intriguing, fulfilling, and interesting process. Check back on Monday for my post on Sibling Rivalry!

In the meantime, a quick snapshot of our Friday will be the topic today. This morning started early at 5:45am. Ted bounded into the room, crushed that the Tooth Fairy hadn't left him any money (oops.) Unable to face two hours of over-tired children, we spent a lazy hour in bed cuddling before having breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, Ozo.

After school, Mae and I brought the boys' bikes to the bike store to be tuned up for the season. Mae, who has been knocking her knees on the handlebars of her 16" bike for a while now, test-drove a few different models of 20" bikes. She chose a purple Specialized bike with one hand brake and the foot brakes. This is the same type of bike Sam has and she's ridden his with ease.

I am glad she didn't choose the one with gears and only hand breaks. I made that mistake with tiny five-year-old Ted and he was a timid biker for a long time, before he grew into his bike. It's funny how eager I seem to be to push Ted along to the next milestone while dragging my feet with Sam and Mae.

She was so excited that we decided to drop the boys' bikes off at school, drive home, then bike back to pick them up (they elected to stay in After-Care with their buddies rather than accompany us to the bike store). I thought Ole deserved a walk and the sun was out (finally!). It seemed like such a perfect day.

Did you hear the music of doom in that last sentence? As soon as the boys hopped on their bikes to join us on the return trip, the heavens opened. It rained. It poured. It hailed. (Yes, really). It thundered. There was much lightening. There were many, many tears.

We eventually made it home and after toweling off, snuggled together in bed lamenting our poor choice of timing. After a time, everyone recovered and we were off to TKD and dinner at Red Robin with our neighbors. Whew. That was an epic ride I won't soon forget!

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