Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to my NEW & IMPROVED Adoption blog!

The Daily Grind has served as my own personal calendar, diary, photo album and sounding board while our family learned how to become a family of five. Back in August of 2005 (the very month our daughter was born halfway across the world), I launched The Daily Grind to document our adoption. Interspersed with adoption-related musings, I also kept my friends and family (and my memory) abreast of the boys’ antics. As the years wore on, I was able to express the joys and woes of parenting while also making time to talk about my goals and plans. It’s been a wonderful home for my thoughts, and I’ve loved sharing them with you!

Recently, I’ve had more frequent traffic to my adoption links, with personal and heartfelt emails thanking me for posting and asking me further questions about certain issues. I decided to try “going pro” with this little blog, and seeing if I can help more people in the complex yet rich task of raising our adopted children.

I hope to identify some common issues we all face as adoptive parents and answer some questions about how my family has fared in these areas. I am very excited to review adoption-related resources as well as share some family rituals, house rules and the adoption-friendly language we use in our home. I hope to publish twice a week for the first month. Mondays and Thursdays will be content days and I plan to address feedback and questions on the other days, as well as continue to blog about our family life.

I invite you to subscribe to my RSS feed, follow me, or bookmark the blog, so you don’t ever miss a post!

Join me on Twitter (handle: ellensgrind) or on Facebook (Ellen Kessie Moeller).

I heartily and enthusiastically welcome your feedback, and count on it to keep the topics relevant and tailored to what you need! I am but five years into my journey with my beautiful daughter, and feel as though I’ve learned more in these five years than in my previous thirty-plus! Welcome!


Heather said...

Great job jumping in!! Can't wait to see what you have coming!

patricia said...

This should be great! You have so much valuable information and experience to share. When is the next installment?


Anonymous said...

love, Love, LOVE your blog!!!