Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Time: lazy summer days

This week completes our first week of nothingness. No vacation, no camping, no summer camp, just lazy summer days. We have thoroughly enjoyed this week and have put some plans into place to instill some order into our laziness.

We've spent a LOT of time at our neighborhood pool this week. While it's heavenly to cool off at 3pm, it's just as refreshing as an after-dinner activity. The kids stay squeaky clean, are physically tired and enjoy playing with the neighbors.

We've also enjoyed our fair share of creamy treats this week. We've experimented with frozen yogurt pops (yum!), ample Frosty's after TKD, our local yogurt shop (Aspen Leaf) and Mom's favorite new iced coffee!

We've also delved into the world of homeschooling. Just kidding! But we are having some review time each day. It's tough getting them to do it, but once they're involved it usually goes pretty well.

They have a choice each day of three different activities for math, writing and reading. That's nine choices per day. So far, so good. Mae needs a LOT of interaction, Sam needs none and Ted just needs plenty of threats (or bribery, depending on how you look at it.)

We've also made a short list of Field Trips we want to do this summer. Of course, Water World tops the list, as do trips to the zoo, the science museum and the roller coaster place. I think we'll head to the zoo on Friday for our first field trip.

The boys have also had extra computer time this week. I'm unsure about this aspect of summer vacation. It's nice for them to have down time. I make sure they have plenty of biking, swimming and park time every day, so is an hour or two a day bad in the summer?

Here is one of those things I think I'll wrestle with every day of vacation. How much is too much? During the school year we allow 30 minutes of "screen time" per day, after homework is completed. In the summer, their "review time" must be finished first. But there are so very many blissful hours in the summer day.

Another fun aspect of our mellow day is the meal slowdown. Lunch has turned into my favorite meal of cheese, fruit and pretzels. How easy?! Dinner has been sporadic around here due to the kids' TKD schedules, so it also feels free and easy.

All in all, a restful, slow and relaxing week.

How is your summer? Are you relaxing? Vacationing? Working hard in preparation for a trip later in the summer?

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