Wednesday, January 25, 2012

more tests - more absences

Ted is having a rough go of it. Once we started the supplements, he started randomly throwing up, every 2 days or so. So we stopped them, but it kept happening. And he started complaining about school, saying it was boring and he didn't want to go. It is NOT boring. He has a fantastic teacher. We are guessing he is under stress, perhaps from all his absences last week. Well, he was twice sent home for throwing up this week and tomorrow he has an appointment at Children's Hospital for his hands. No wonder he's feeling a lack of enthusiasm for school. I'm hoping next week he can go every day, all day!

Yesterday, after being sent home, I had a great talk with his teacher who suggested some things to alleviate anxiety (like the poetry jam tonight - he only has to come, not participate if he doesn't want to). He spent the day doing 6th grade math work and creating a PowerPoint presentation on "Pi - the most fascinating number." Neither were the homework assigned, but his teacher was ok with it. What a tough cookie our boy is.

In good news, he had a spectacular day on Saturday at TKD at a weapons seminar. And he is all registered for Spring Nationals in Vegas in March! I have opening night at the opera, so our beloved sitter, Heather, is going to take him. They are both very excited!

My conference in Chicago got cancelled, which is so disappointing. They aren't saying why, so not sure if it was lack of enrollment or if some of their presenters fell through ... Bummer. I'm glad I hadn't bought the tickets yet. Mae is sad too and I promised we'd spend enough time in Chicago to see baby Elena, G'ma & G'pa AND the American Girl Doll Store. At least we're saving money on tickets!

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