Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introducing Peter!

Last year, one of my favorite bloggers, Tsh, traveled to the Philippines with Compassion International. I read each and every entry faithfully, but for some reason, wasn't quite moved to sponsor a child. After all, we support organizations in China, I reasoned.

Then this year, another of my favorite bloggers, the Nester, went on the trip to Tanzania. Again, I followed each and every post. This year,  the Nester's post is what won me over. We decided to sponsor a child Ted's age and perhaps, as our debt decreases, we can also sponsor another Sam's age. Mae, at this point, is still more interested in helping out in China, which is understandable!

playing with the sweethearts at Hope Foster Care
Actually, one of the high points of our adoption trip, besides meeting Mae of course, was the day we spent at the "heart" orphanage. Spending the day interacting with the kids we sponsor was so meaningful and joyful. Oh, how I wanted to bring them all home with me!

Anyway, back to Tanzania. We searched and found a 10- year-old boy, Peter and signed up. Ted wrote him his first letter that day and I don't think a day has gone by without the kids talking about him. They desperately want to visit him someday. Ted is saving his money to send to Peter for a gift. It's changed so much for our family.

sweet Peter!
Of course, the fact that Peter is so sweet-looking has completely won my mama-heart. I too want to visit him and sponsor another child someday. When I posted his picture to Facebook, people assumed I was going to adopt him. Luckily, he has a loving family, which is another topic that both fascinates and confuses my kids.

They want to send him tons of money or have him live with us; it's hard for them to understand that he is quite happy where he is. He has family and now, he has school, food and medical care, as well as faith. We may be Jewish, but G-d is G-d and I'm happy he will learn to cherish his faith. Faith is everything, really, isn't it? Without it, there would be much hopelessness.

I am not sure if there will be resistance to a Jew traveling with Compassion, but I am so very impressed with their work. I would love to take a trip with them.

Peter's picture in the dining room
In the meantime, Ted and Sam work with the currency converter to exclaim and discover the value of the Tanzanian shilling. I'm not sure about Sam, but I have a feeling Ted may end up being a very service-oriented person. He has so much compassion and desire to help.

We shall see. Now to return to the Compassion website and write Peter another letter that I hope will be encouraging to him, show him we love him, and make his heart smile!

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