Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Helping Hands

This morning was a strange and quiet one, free from last-minute parent signatures and misplaced shoes. With all three children away (at various times throughout the week) for Outdoor Ed, last night and this morning were very mellow and calm. I enjoyed it, but I missed the happy chaos too.

Ted, not quite two, helping out with the dusting.
In any event, this morning we noticed how very much these children do around here these days! The kitty litter pan needed scooping, the trash taken to the bin, the recyclables and compost taken out and the pets (and tomatoes!) fed and watered.

We did those things this morning and celebrated this small milestone; our children have become partners in our home.

Rather than just serving them, as it seems one does while they are littles, they have grown up to take their places as integral pieces of our little family machine.

When they return, they will have zucchini bread for snack and a lovely peach crisp after dinner (pesto & garden tomatoes over pasta, of course!).

But before dinner, I will ask, gently, "Have you done your chores?"

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