Friday, November 16, 2012


What a long week! The kids were very busy this week, plus events at school in the evenings, plus Sam and I are sick. Blah. But we have all next week off and Aunt Nancy comes on Tuesday! So it's all good.

I only took two pictures this week! This was probably due in part to
  • a massive de-cluttering and re-organizing and cleaning effort in the kitchen and pantry
  • an enthusiastic start to the week with three days of warm CrockPot Meals
  • aforementioned business & late nights at school
  • did I mention I'm sick? 
Anyway, not much, but here they are! Happy Thanksgiving break to all! 

These two are getting along just fine these days! Sharing the sunshine...

Sore throat tea: Holy Basil, echinacea, rose hips, slippery elm bark powder and plenty of honey.

This will probably live on Sweet Pea's blog in the future, but here's a great video of her ball-playing prowess. The vet comes Saturday to do her blood test and then she'll be in the clear (we hope!)

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