Friday, November 30, 2012


It's Friday again! This first week back from Thanksgiving break felt long. And it was a full, full week. And somehow I only took two pictures. Oy.

I found time to meet a friend for a latte at Ozo. Ahh....

I am the walrus. Love you, SP! 

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There are two major reasons for my lack of pictures this week. The first I talked about yesterday, Middle School decisions! We went to Southern Hills last night and Ted was not impressed. So, it's either Summit or Horizons. Happy to narrow that down! 

And the other is so exciting, I think it needs its own post. And since any of you reading this probably care a lot about sweet Mae, you probably already know all about it! On the right side of the blog in the sidebar is a link to our fundraiser for Mae's heritage trip to China! I'm working on a post about it now. I can't even believe we are fortunate enough to be able to do this! More soon. 

We are also going to have an exciting Saturday in Fort Collins for the annual ATA Holiday party AND Black Belt Ceremony! Since Ted earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt last year, he'll be a part of the ceremony. So cool. I'll take lots of pics of that! 

Happy Friday! 

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