Saturday, December 8, 2012

InstaFriday! on Saturday

Wow - this was a very crazy week! I have two pics of the week, and they sum up exactly why it's been such a busy week!!

With our fundraiser in full swing, we put down our deposits for the Chinese Heritage Trip. We received a tentative itinerary as well as the dates to book our flights. Yikes! We also took the time to take Mae to get her US Passport. This was an ordeal and took a long time but it's done and we should receive it in 4-6 weeks. Very exciting!!

Last week and this week Ted and I have been attending Open Houses and Tours for Middle Schools. It was fairly easy to eliminate the large schools (both of us felt overwhelmed) and we're down to the school he already attends, which is a K-8, and a very academic middle school. Ted is in charge of this decision and I am trying not to worry that he's getting in over his head. He is a hard worker, and that's going to see him through a lot, no matter which school he ends up attending. At this point in time, we are open-enrolling to Summit. If he gets in, he will shadow there and make his final decision. I really enjoyed the Open House at Horizons and think we would be fine there as well, so we are lucky! Whew. What a tiring week of late nights!

I'm glad it's the weekend. We have a lovely free today today filled with Hanukkah preparations and baking. Tomorrow is more of the same. Just what we all need to re-fill our energy tanks for the week ahead!

Join us!

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