Saturday, March 9, 2013

March already?!

Where is the time going?! Goodness me, but it's flying! Here is a quick update!

  • Sam earned his First Degree Recommended Black Belt . This means that he is almost a Black Belt! He will test on April 20. His attitude at testing was upbeat, serious and strong. I was so proud of him. He really rocked it. He is very nervous about his board breaks so we took a trip to Home Depot to stock up on the wood boards he will break. You ROCK, Sam!!!! 
  • Ted turned ELEVEN on March 5! Amazing. He is turning into such a serious, hard-working young man. He took his Math Placement Test at Summit last week and reported that it wasn't hard at all, though he wasn't able to do the optional advanced math test. He is feeling confident and excited! At school itself, they are doing a lovely program on transitioning and there will be a Transition Ceremony (so Boulder!) in April. I am so proud of the young man he is turning into - he is such a great kid!
  • Mae tested for her Blue Belt and did a great job. She is now in the Advanced Class (with Sam, albeit briefly) and this will be the first testing that all three of us have the same form! We are enjoying that immensely. She is having some girl drama at school and it makes my heart ache for her. Boys are so much simpler, emotionally. But she is still happy to go to school and she is doing a great job on all her work (she did a PowerPoint Book Talk this week! Impressive!) so all is well.
  • Paul got kicked in the ribs at soccer last week and is out for a while. We are sad that he is hurting but his presence on Friday meant we could enjoy Shabbat at Temple with him, which is a rarity! We hope he'll be back on the fields soon! 
  • I am so busy! Opera Colorado rehearsals have started up for Don Giovanni (50's style!) and our director is a hoot. I also have extra rehearsals for Easter services at church and a bunch of gigs with Temple Sinai for Passover and Shavuot! It's a busy season but I'm enjoying it. 
  • We were supposed to get a crazy snowstorm but it's pretty weak. I think it's just too warm for the snow to stick around. I went to my morning church rehearsal, but then my afternoon opera rehearsal was cancelled so I got to come home! I took a nap, played with the kids, baked some cookies (that I then burned ... oops). It was a great day! 
What's going on in your life lately? Are we really this close to Spring?

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