Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome, Summer!

Hooray! Summer is here! The kids' last day of school was Friday the 24th. We went directly to a TKD end-of-year party in the park, then jumped in the pool before bed. It was a terrific ending to the school year!
Our summer plans involve a lot of travel. In June, Ted will travel to Kansas City, Missouri for the TKD District Championships (if he wins 1st place, he will automatically be eligible for World Championships in early July). Whether he competes or not, we will travel to Little Rock, Arkansas for Worlds to cheer on our friends and to compete in the first tournament of the new tournament year.
Mae and I head to China on July 14 for 10 days - cannot WAIT!
As for camps, Mae has a week of Chinese camp at CCAI (our agency), Sam has a week of Art Camp and Ted is doing a TKD camp for a week. The rest of the time, our schedule will follow the routine that got us through last summer - so beautifully, I might add.

  • wake up, breakfast, chores
  • dog park/soccer field with Daddy
  • Summer Work Hour (math, writing, reading, typing (for Ted)
  • free time til lunch
  • Lunchtime
  • Creek walk with SP
  • Pool Time! 
  • TKD
  • home for showers and bed
Hooray for summer! Here are some pics of the crazy last few events of the school year! 

Ted ran the Bolder Boulder with pal Omri.
Paul and I did our best to keep up with them. 

Cast pic after their performance of "Route 66."

We think she's pretty relaxed these days. 

Mae was herself for Immigration Day at school,
complete with Chinese passport and Adoption Decree

Sam was a "German Jewish ancestor from Berlin." Cutie. 
Our chavurah won the Chav-Olympics!
Love the kiddish cup trophy!

5th Grade Transition Ceremony.
Farewell, elementary school!

Incredible, awesome 4/5 teacher Nel. 


A dog in a sidecar wearing a seatbelt and aviation goggles.
Gotta love Boulder. 

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