Monday, December 9, 2013

End of the year musings!

Time has FLOWN by this year! I am amazed that we are into December already. Just this week I have a gig 5 out of 7 nights! It's all good though - having Hanukkah out of the way has cleared the calendar so it's not really so bad.

2013 was indeed the year of awesome. Our trip to China in July was amazing. The NoExcuses Retreat in June was life-changing. Sam and I earned our Black Belts in May and August, respectively. (Ted will test for 3rd Degree in August and Mae will test for 1st Degree in May!) I joined Online Bootcamp in March and am still going strong, doing 30-minute interval or strength-training workouts every day at home! I've also renewed my committment to running and have run 4 races this year with more on the horizon! Next year will be my 2nd Chicago Marathon and I'm hoping to CRUSH my time from last year.

This year I've made a list of some of my goals (rather than a checklist) so it will be fun to see how I do. In a Bootcamp Webinar, our awesome coach pointed out that if you don't write down a goal, it's just a dream. Word.

6th grade for Ted has been a very easy transition. He works hard and efficiently and hasn't had any real difficulties so far. He's working hard in TKD and has recently started CrossFit (crazy - just like him!) He'll run track and play soccer at Summit in the spring, as well as continue preparing for his Bar Mitzvah in March of 2015. Busy boy!

Sam loves 4th grade and has really amped up his reading. The Kindle has changed things for him - as long as the font is large he'll read! (And yes, we had his eyes checked - it's just mental!) Now that he is a Black Belt, we have relaxed the schedule for him and he attends classes when he feels like it. Mostly he loves making movies and playing MineCraft. He is still a sweet, sweet boy.

Mae is rocking 3rd grade. Since it is a combined 2/3, she is enjoying being the older kid and is having lots of success in multiplication and reading. Her writing continues to be about China (so sweet!) and her cursive is better than mine! She is up for Black Belt in May and is working hard towards that goal. She says after she gets her Black Belt she wants to try gymnastics, so we'll give it a go!

Paul is still at bivio and still working at home. Sweet Pea, Patches and I enjoy his company very much! His Friday night soccer team went belly-up, so he's taking a break from that for a while and attending services with us instead. We all like that but hope he can find another team soon.

Here are my goals for 2014!
  • Run the Bolder Boulder in May
  • Beat my previous BB PR (1:00:39) from 2009
  • Run the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon
  • Beat my previous 1/2 PR (2:17:52) from 2011
  • Run the Chicago Marathon in October
  • Beat my previous Marathon time (5:26:02)
  • Run a 5K in under 30 minutes
  • Work out 5-6 days/week
  • Continue to eat Paleo and clean
  • Continue to prioritize sleep & water

10 Years from Now :: 50 Years Old

  • Still run the Chicago Marathon every year plus local races
  • Still do BootCamp with the team!
  • Still eat clean
  • My kids will be in college!!!

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