Mae's Heritage Trip to China - Pictures

There are so many people who helped and took pictures for Mae and me on our trip. THANK YOU ALL! Here is our trip in pictures!

5am Departure.

First stop at the Beijing airport! 
Mae and Sophia, her HuaiHua "sister."
At the Great Wall.

We made it to the 3rd tower!
What a view. 
Tien'an Men Square with Chairman Mao's portrait behind us.
Forbidden City piggy-back from Sydnee.
Hutong Rickshaw Ride, then local lunch.
Learning the art of calligraphy.

Terra Cotta Mae.
Terra Cotta Soldiers, Pit 1.

More piggy-back rides after a long day at the Soldiers.
Tandem bicycle along the Ancient Wall in Xi'an

9 mile ride! 
Incredible massage at a teahouse within Bamboo Park.

Bamboo Park in Chengdu with sugar lollies.
Amusement park rides right in the park! 
Panda Park! 
Panda Kindergarten! 
Spraying the panda's food - guess they like it moist!

Dressed to hug a panda! With Laura.

Trying to put the 90 pound panda on her lap. 

A perfect shot. What a cutie!!!

Panda was sucking on a bamboo stick with honey on top.

Love the little tongue sticking out! 
He's getting ready to lick her here. 
The keepers swooped in.

Napping adult panda.


Sub-adult panda, i.e., a teenager.

with our awesome guide, Eric.

Shadow hand puppets. Amazing. 

Opera. It was interesting!

Real coconut milk! 

Chengdu Alley 3D artwork with Lelia.

Lunch at HuaiHua Orphanage with the Director (L) and Asst. Dir. (R). 

Mae's nanny (L) and Pan Li (R). 

Pan Li, the woman who found Mae at the gate of the orphanage and brought her in.

The same blanket used in all the referral pictures! 


That is about 1/3 the amount of pictures we received from our friends. We hope you enjoyed our photo journey! It was an amazing trip and one neither of us will ever forget!