Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pretty Dresses

I can't pretend the prospect of a girly-girl doesn't thrill me. I know she'll probably be a tomboy with her wild brothers to show her the way, but there's a chance...

Mae already has a huge stash of clothes, many from the Krams' and also a considerable amount that Mommy couldn't resist. This dress is my favorite. I've received a few as gifts too...and they are so pink and shimmery...I just can't wait to dress her in them and take her picture!

This weekend Sam turns 2, officially. WOW. Where did the last year go? Then next weekend my mom comes into town for the annual Scottish Fair in Estes Park (Sat) and Sam's bday party (Sun.) Then the next weekend is "Day Out with Thomas" (Sat) and on SUNDAY.....the boys move in together! I'm sure the transition will be grueling...but I hope they at least get some sleep and enjoy the companionship. I think Ted will love it...whether Sam is willing to sleep with all the lights on remains to be seen...

That means that the NEXT weekend I can finally move in to the nursery. As much as I loved the soft yellow walls and sweet little bug border, it's time for PINK! Besides painting and such, it will be so much fun to organize all her little clothes and add the little girly touches to a previously gender-neutral room. I will then have the entire months of October and November to get the boys used to "their sister's room" and do other prepatory things, like preparing the care package for her orphanage and finishing up the 100 Good Wishes Quilt scrapbook. More on that tomorrow!! It is coming along beautifully.

I promise I won't post twice in one day all the time. I can't wait til I post about our referral. I just can't wait.

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