Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Something Wicked This Way Comes

That's the title of a book I want to read. The reviewer said she always reads it at the end of summer. Today was 100 degrees-no joke. Sunny, hot and perfect. We spent the morning at the pool, just soaking in all the summer we can get. It's funny. At the start of the summer I couldn't wait for it to be over. All my thoughts and energies are focused on Thanksgiving...the end of November....referral time. I figured once summer was over, Fall was here and it was only a blip in time before The Big Turkey appeared on the calendar. And it did fly...wow! This ranks as one of the fastest summers I've ever had. What happened to getting screamingly bored at the end of July? I'm not bored yet and school has already started! Oh well.

Here's the scoop on the violin. Ted is into it, his teacher is willing to take him, so I get to play too. Oh joy. In the Suzuki method, Mom plays too, which helps keep the child engaged and also so we understand how freakin hard this tiny person is working. I go in next week for my "Parent Meeting" and then he starts full force on the 13th. On a box...yup, no real violin for the first few lessons. At the first group class, they'll measure him. He is going to be soooo p.o.'d about that. Should be quite the diversion for me though. It's already entertaining, as we listen to the Suzuki CD all day until we are all screaming "mississippi stop stop!" in our sleep.

All for now. Blogging should probably be restricted to evening hours...but you know how it is with a new toy....gotta play play play.

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