Monday, August 29, 2005

Welcome to the world, mate!

Well, after months of everyone under the sun having a blog, I caved. I don't really NEED a blog...we have and it rocks. What could possibly be more important (or cuter?) than my boys and the occasional dog snapshot? Still, with the adoption looming sooooo close yet so far, perhaps it will calm my mind to write about it. So, The Daily Grind was born.

Why the title? It's the name of the funky coffee shop at UCD. I only teach there once a week and moan and groan about it all the time, because I *think* I'd rather be at home with the boys. And when I'm actually *at home* with the boys? You guessed it...I'm going out of my mind! Well, not all the time, but around 3pm....I'm done for the day and ready for my glass of vino. Sadly, I still have another 3+ hours to go before the relief shows up (aka Daddy). So, the coffee shop at UCD is a pleasant place and coffee always makes me happy.

In fact! In lieu of our desperate financial position, I have made, in my opinion, a rather bold proposition to myself and my pocketbook. No more coffee. I know! Whattheheck?! But it's true. I dug out my old espresso machine and you know what? Not bad at all! I can do a mean iced mocha! So, that has GOT to be helping, right? And no eating out either, unless it's special like Girls Nite or Date Night (? hmm..trying to remember the last time THAT happened...) but the constant trips to Noodles or Wahoos? Sianara baby! (that has GOT to be misspelled, right?)

OK, I'm going to sign off for tonight and do some 'editing.' Ooooo. Tomorrow I'll have to tell you all about the violin. Not just Ted! Oh Suzuki MOMMY has to play too! I know, truly alarming.

G'nite fellow bloggers. This could be fun, or really lame. Let's see!

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