Thursday, September 15, 2005


Today Ted was able to pat out the Mississippi Stop Stop and Down Ditty Up Ditty rhythms! I got a bit unconventional and abandoned the idea of 'a practice session.' We did the rhythms all day long, being goofy. We'd do them on each other's cheeks, on our heads, on our knees etc. If he was reluctant I'd promise to tickle him after he did it (that always works!) By the end of the day he could do them, no problem! Hooray! We also worked more on matching the A pitch. I thought to take out my violin and play the A string for him (duh...that's how she found the pitch) and seeing the violin was enough to get him excited enough to try. Yesterday I wondered what if anything he would be ready to do on Tuesday. Now I know he'll be fine! Very exciting.

Now, about the sleep. Ugh. Last night was actually really good. We put them down at 7:30 and while it was rocky, by 9 they were asleep. Granted, Sam woke up at 12:40am screaming and Ted was so tight we had to neb him. We ended up putting Sam in his crib at 1:50 and everyone slept til 7:30. Tonight we got them in bed at 7:30 again but it's almost 9 and they're still up. There was a time around 8:30 when it was quiet and I think Ted was just drifting off, but then Sam opened the door and now they're on their 2nd wind. What a PAIN. I can actually handle the initial fooling around, but the middle of the night waking/scream fest is really annoying. Let's hope...

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