Saturday, September 17, 2005

Choo Choo!

Today we took the boys to "A Day Out With Thomas." It is really fun that Sam is old enough to enjoy these things now. We met up with Chase & Cara and Lucy & Jake and that made the Thomas ride even more fun. Temporary tattoos were a hit, as was the music in the Roundhouse. There were plenty of trains to climb around on and explore too. We finished up the day in the Merchandise Tent (gee, thanks!) and squirraled away some little things for when I'm in China. I plan to have a grab bag of little toys, books, stickers etc. that they can pick from each day til I'm home. I hope that will make it more fun.

Sleeping has been...interesting. Last night was the best night ever. They went to bed at 8ish and were asleep by 9 (not without some serious intervention, of course!). Sam lasted til about 4:30am when he had to be put in his crib because he wouldn't stay in his bed. Not bad though...the best yet. He naps like a champ in the bed at least.

I went to Home Depot today to find the pink gingham wallpaper (below the chair rail), a coordinating border for the top of the wall near the ceiling, and a matching pale pink paint for above the chair rail (the pic to the right is an example of the 'look' I'm going for. Sadly, there was no pink gingham wallpaper to be found, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I'm sure I'll find it somewhere. In other adoption-related news, I've received a few more squares for the quilt and they are all so gorgeous. Dr. P (a prof from CU) actually stitched the cutest tree with birds and an owl and the coolest little spider. It's really something! The deadline for the quilt lady is Oct. 20 to have it done by Thanksgiving. We should be receiving our Waiting Child Packet next week! That's the big milestone for Month 4. It will have things in it like what number to call with referral information (!!) and other exciting tidbits! Wish us luck on sleep tonight. I really hope they will get the hang of it soon so I can feel secure about re-doing the nursery. Peep peep!

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