Sunday, September 18, 2005

Soccer Sunday

Today Paul took Ted to a CU Woman's Soccer game-and they won! They had a good time, so I sense a new ritual in the making.

Look at that picture...isn't it sweet? Well...tonight, in a stroke of genius, we put Sam to bed at 7 and Ted at 8. Sam was sitting up reading books and the fun began. We went in at 9 (after all, no one was crying) and they had torn apart the closet....all the dresser drawers opened with clothes everywhere. Mayham ensued. I spent the next hour organizing our closet so there is now room for both boys' dressers. I have to say, that was theraputic and it looks pretty good! I'm disappointed that they would destroy a room like that, but at least nothing was broken or ripped. I'm starting to think Sam and Mae might be better off sharing a room!! We'll see. Perhaps tomorrow night will be better since there is absolutely NOTHING in the room now save their beds and the night table behind Ted's bed. Sam is sleeping in his crib tonight (I don't even know how long he screamed in his room...probably at least half an hour) and Ted is passed out in his bed. I really thought it would be 3-4 nights of giggling for an hour, followed by sleep. How wrong I was!

We also got Fishy a new tank with a filter (his tank was getting pretty cloudy!) It is so pretty, if a bit noisy. I'll take a pic soon...(the water has to get filtered for 2 days before he can move in. This fish thing is lots of fun! Fishy seems happy with us and eats more food than the fish food bottle says he should. Paul thinks we should get him a fish friend or 2...maybe for Hanukkah or Ted's birthday

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