Monday, September 19, 2005

monday monday

I should have taken a picture...Jack came over to play today after preschool and the boys were so good. They played completely on their own for about an hour. Then Ted started to have sharing issues so I had to help out. (He is so completely fried from lack of's really sad.) Mondays are their after-preschool play dates and it gives Jack's mom and me an afternoon off every other week! Good deal.
We put the boys to bed separately tonight...Sam in his crib and Ted in his room. Ted is so upset about Sam not being with him that he's still awake, mad and sad 45 minutes later. I hope he conks out soon. He is sooooo emotional. He definately needs more sleep that he's been getting! I am wiped out from dealing with 2 fragile souls all afternoon (when it was rest time Ted INSISTED on sleeping in his room, promising to be quiet. Of course Sam was up in about 5 he didn't get a great nap either.) They were both so whiney and temper-tantrum-y all afternoon that the second Paul walked in I grabbed the dog and we escaped. Ahhh. It was so refreshing. I'm really at my wits end with this situation. I know an easy solution: sit in the chair in their room til they fall asleep. But, that's not how I want to spend my evening and besides, that could go on for YEARS...but this late night business is really frustrating. Oh well. Maybe in a month I'll re-read this and be happy we stuck with our guns. I hope so.

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