Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Clown Ice Cream Night

Tonight was Back to School Night. Ted marched in, dressed in a lilac princess dress with bridal headdress, high heels, and a purse. He and Rach played together all night and then we went to Sweet Buddy Roo's for the famous Clown ice cream (a scoop of ice cream with a cherry for a nose, 2 chocolate chips for eyes, whipped cream for a mouth, and a cone for a hat. Lots of whipped cream with sprinkles on the side. Everyone loved it.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was Ted's 2nd violin lesson. It started off strange, where he wouldn't go over to his mat, so I had 'my' lesson first. Then she coaxed him over by letting him sit on my lap. We did rhythms but he wouldn't do them for her. She reminded me that it's the PROCESS not the, as long as he's learning the rhythms and everything else at home, it really isn't a big deal that he doesn't 'perform.' Sadly, the stage mother in me wants him to perform well and be great! I have to curb that. He learned 2 new rhythms this week (Colorado Colorado and Popcorn Sniff! Eat), how to pick up his violin correctly and "Playing Feet." Friday is the first group class and he's supposed to bring "his Feet" and his "violin." It's at 5pm so I'll be able to take him, which is nice.

Ted had a hard day at preschool today...he's just so tired that he cries easily and also gets angry easily. He took a 2 hour nap today! As a result, he was very happy and well-behaved tonight. Anyway, tonight was fun. Dennis is here, Paul's childhood friend. Paul had soccer tonight so Dennis went along and then they went out. It's nice to see him...he's never visited us before.

Phew! 'Nite!

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