Thursday, September 22, 2005

Zai jian!

A family from our synagogue that has 2 daughters from China came for dinner tonight. Their girls are exactly our boys' ages (3.5 & 2) and WOW!! Ted and Rachel got along beautifully! She is a little roughneck and Ted adored her! Sam and Molly hung out in parallel play mode. They brought us tons of clothing and shoes and baby exciting! I'm happy my daughter will have these girls as friends and role models!
As they were leaving Rachel's dad said "Can you say Good Bye in Chinese?" and Rachel said "Zai jian" and Ted (who had just watched Big Bird in China that afternoon) replied "Zai jian Way-chul!" hee hee! They were so cute together, buddies right away.

In other news, Sam is in the crib tent tonight so we'll see how that goes. So far they are giggling away in there. We also had a lazy day at home today, complete with mud puddles.

Wish us luck tonight!

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