Friday, September 23, 2005


What a day! Ted was certainly run ragged with swimming at 8:30, preschool from 9-1 and then Violin Group from 5-6! He really loved Group...he is so social and buddied up with a little guy named Bennet right away. The group teacher also teaches beginners and all her students start right up with tiny violins. You could tell Miss Vari's students, all with their little boxes. It was quite long but he was into it the whole time and not ready to leave. That's encouraging.

Tomorrow we have a photo shoot at a park for our babysitter Heather's Christmas card. Such a cute idea...she babysits for 3 families primarily and she's getting those 5 kids together in the park for her card. So cute!!!

Otherwise I hope to sort through all the clothes we've so generously been given and donate the excess. Now that Sam is successfully sleeping in the crib with the tent, I can finally move in and really start doing something in there. Danna and I are going to hit the Wallpapers R Us (or something silly like that) store tomorrow. Once I have the wallpaper in hand I can take it to Home Depot and they will dye the paint to match. Sunday we have a 4pm Rosh HaShanah music class to go to at the preschool which should be really fun.

Happy weekend everyone!

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