Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Lean, Mean, Green Machine

Thank you, Stacy & Tara! We have discovered a juice that tastes like apple juice but has a full supply of dark, leafy greens in it! Hooray! Sam is great at eating spinach and broccoli, but Ted will only eat sugar snap peas-not quite the powerhouse of green veggie that we'd like. Both boys LOVE this juice (I do too, it's really yummy) so they each get a 6oz cup per day. I'm so happy that they like it.

Sam had his 2 Year Well-Check today. It was fun to have a check-up with no shots! He weighs 28 lbs (50%), is 35 inches tall (75%) and has a head circumference of 20 inches (93%). He has really grown taller in the last 6 months although he hasn't gained much weight. He chattered at her non-stop all about trucks and the dog toy in the room and the colors of the trucks on the was all we could do to carry on our own conversation! She pronounced him healthy as could be and right on track. I told her about the juice, since she has a toddler too. She also is willing to give us a prescription for antibiotics, should Mae be sick when we meet her. I'm happy that she's 'that type' of doctor, since some refuse to prescribe it without seeing the patient first. I promised her I'd call her with symptoms if I think she might have an ear infection or bronchitis (common issues.) The problem is that you can't leave the country with a child who has a fever...but what do you do if the doctors at the clinic don't pronounce your child sick enough for antibiotics?! I'm happy I'll have a stash with me.

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