Friday, September 2, 2005


Whew! What a day. The first day back to 'work' was fine, but tiring. I met with 4 out of 7 students and got some basics nailed down. I got some rep assigned which is always a relief. It was nice to be back in a way; now that I know what I'm doing it feels comfortable to be there. I'll be car-pooling with Erin, which will be great for the commute as well as the $3/gallon gas prices.

Ted had a fun day at preschool today and Tara picked him up which was a treat. Apparently they sang a song about I have a Shabbos feeling in my Shabbat Sing today. How cute! Need to get the words for that one! Sam took a killer nap today for the sitter, from 11:30-2:30! And both boys were in bed by 7...ahhhh.

A 3-day weekend ahead! We hope to go to the zoo on Sunday/Sam's bday. That should be fun. I love long weekends. Sam's present is going to be what Aunt Jayne sent-a Chevron transport truck with cars in it. He will LOVE it and we'll all get a sense of how Ted reacts to Sam getting presents when he doesn't...hmm.

CCAI received ALL of February today and the expediated May group, so Epin's referral is there! They will start the calls tomorrow at 9am MT. I am impressed that they are going to work on Saturday because they usually don't. That goes to show how much they care about their families. It would have been a long weekend for everyone if they had to wait for a call on Tuesday. I can't wait to see the picture of Epin & Scott's new child...boy or old...etc. Very exciting! Only 2 more groups and then it is our turn.

Have a good 3-day weekend, everyone.

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