Thursday, September 1, 2005

Time flies

How did my baby grow up so fast? Wow! The first year of Sam's life was so difficult that when we attend Parenting classes at CCAI, I nod and agree with so much of what they're saying about "difficulty calming themselves" and "bonding problems" etc. We went through it all with Sam that first, he was a toughie. Now, I have to say, while he is still a "passionate" child, he is so much easier and more fun! Now that he is talking (perhaps shouting is a better term) non-stop on the verbal front, and running and jumping on the physical front, he is so happy! It is really something to see just how TWO he is. What a cutie!

We went to see the quilt lady today and have a drop-off date of October 20, to be ready by Thanksgiving. Hooray! The boys each picked out some fabric too; working on wishes for their sister should be really sweet. Ted picked a firetruck fabric (should go nicely with the pink sashing!) and Sam chose a blue print with dogs on it-very cute. We talked about the sashing (light pink, matching the pink flowers on my backing) and border (a darker shade of pink.) Very exciting!!

Ted and I also observed another violin lesson today. We thought the first boy was good! This kid was great! Both boys have played in tune so beautifully that I am starting to think this might not be too bad! His little sister, from Hunan Province, was there that gave their mother and me something to chat about while the kids played on the playground afterwards. It seems like wherever I go, there are Chinese children. I love it! I hope this means there will be enough similarity in the schools and activities for Mae to feel somewhat normalized. This little girl had had her first lesson today, so she and Ted will probably be in the same group class. Hooray!

Tomorrow is my first day back at UCD. Blah. A short day, though, which will be nice. I enjoy the first day, where handing out the syllabi and talking about expectations take up the whole period! I hope that they will use next week to choose their repertoire and then we can begin in earnest on the 16th. Farewell, summer!

Speaking of which, that 100-degree day is a distant memory already! It has been downright chilly...jeans and sweatshirts! We will probably have another heat spell before summer gives up the ghost, but fall is on the way! That's OK...bring on Thanksgiving! Referrals are late this month...they are due to arrive at CCAI tomorrow with calls going out on Saturday or next Tuesday. This has the August group in agony and the September folks are getting worried too. Hopefully the delay means that CCAA included the ENTIRE month of February DTCs and can stop splitting up the months. Our friends from our yahoo board are getting their expediated referral in this batch. It is so exciting to see them come in.

Not long now and it will be our turn!

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