Monday, September 5, 2005

We love Gymbo

Last week Sam and I took our 'last' Gymboree class. Sadly, I explained to the owner, Kristy, that due to finances, we'd be taking a break from Gymboree for the Fall. But, I promised, we'd be back in the Spring with Mae. Ted started at Gymboree when he was 6 weeks old and one of the kids has been going once a week since then. Well, lo and behold, in Saturday's mail was a letter from Gymboree. Inside was a gift certificate for the Fall semester from Kristy. I was so moved by her generosity! What a sweet person! So, Sam can continue for the Fall session, and then his little sister can take over when she's ready. Wow, I will have put in over 3 years of Gymboree by the time she arrives. It just goes to show that if you tell people what you need, they will help if they can. Thank you Kristy!

We went to the zoo for Sam's birthday on Sunday. The boys had lots of fun (pics on the website) and I came down with the flu, or some such ailment. It really knocked me down. I'm feeling better now, but not up to snuff completely. Oh, and I also managed to burn (really burn!) my fingers fixing dinner. So Paul was such a help cleaning up the house and keeping me in ice bags. What a night! Today the burns don't hurt at all (whew!) and my headache is mild and the nausia is not too bad. Blah! I hope the boys (all 3 of them) don't catch it.

Happy Labor Day to everyone! Hope everyone has a nice extra day with the family!

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