Saturday, October 1, 2005

Famous again

My famous son! Again Ted made it into the Daily Camera. Tara called me last Friday to ask permission for Ted to be in the paper, and of course I said yes. He's dressed up, she warned. I had visions of a pink poofey look, but this morning's paper revealed a very masculine knight...with cape! Ha! His buddies Jacob & Jack are next to him.

Today we had our chavurah up in the mountains...soooo beautiful and peaceful. They even have chickens! Cracks me up! Anyway, we made tie-dye shirts and now I understand how they got their names. We even made one for Mae. That was a blast, and easy! Ted's favorite was off-roading it in a pink motorized jeep.

All in all, today was a great, outside-y, relaxing day. Tomorrow I will be painting the nursery...although first I'll paint on the sample and make sure it's not sickening in its pinkness. So exciting!!!!! The wallpaper should be in next week...serious work on that with the cutting it and all. Painting will be fun!

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