Wednesday, October 19, 2005

frat boy of the future

Paul pointed out that Ted looked like a real frat boy after the wedding. With his shirt out and tie loosened, he had 'the look.' It cracks me up. Ah, the small glimpses into their emerging personalities. For those of you I haven't told, Sam had a run-in with the sidewalk. Luckily, Aunt Jean is also an MD and attended to him in the church bathroom. All he had done was to skin the INSIDE of his nose, hence the blood, and the emerging goose egg on his forehead was impressive and quite bloody too. Of course, being Sam, the next day the bump was barely noticable and the scrapes had faded. 5 days later, you'd never know. So, what does this mean? Ted will be the trendy frat boy and Sam the tough looking guy you're scared of, til you meet him? Paul assures me that they will both be geeks like him, so we'll have to see!

In other news, my mom broke the news to me today that she has decided not to be my travel companion to China. There are many reasons for her decision, and I understand them all, but it's still sad. The good news is that my good friend Erin (or, 'other Erin' as Ted calls her) is my back-up and re-affirmed her committment today when I called to talk to her. It will be a different trip now. More shopping will be done (sorry Paul!) and I can pack even more lightly, knowing I can send Erin out to find diapers in a strange city a bit more freely than I could have were she my mother! Yet the "grandmother-mother-daughter" trio will have to be delayed, and that is sad. Still, when we come home Mom (& Dad) will be here to greet us, to ooh and aah over Mae while I hug the boys to death (how will I EVER leave them for 2 weeks?!). They will also be VERY helpful in attending to the boys and helping them remember how loved they are too. I'm sorry you can't come, Mom, but it doesn't change the fact that you have a granddaughter now (or will soon, anyway!!) and that will be, hands down, the main thing you will think about, after you've met her. Huge hugs to you!!!

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