Friday, October 7, 2005

glass shards & rock burn

Today was quite a physical day for the boys and our poor sitter, Abbi. Somehow Ted managed to break the lightbulb in the lamp in our room during his rest time. He called for Abbi and when she went in there were tiny shards of glass everywhere...on the floor, on the bed, on the OTHER side of the bed on the floor...yikes! Amazingly, Ted didn't have a single scratch on him. Later, she took the boys to the park and Sam went down a slide that's he's done for MONTHS now...and face-planted into the gravel, sliding a bit. The right side of his face is all "dotted" with tiny cuts from the gravel. So sad! Poor Abbi-this day was a little more than she bargained for, I think!
I, in the meantime, somehow threw my back out on Wednesday and only today, Friday, am I able to walk, sit and do stairs normally. Geesh!
We have a fun weekend planned. A hike tomorrow morning with the Adventure Rabbi, then Ted and I will go to Seussical, a musical about Dr. Seuss. Then Sunday we'll go to the circus with the Krams family and end the day with a Paint 'N Paper Party in the nursery!
Until later, happy weekend!

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